Microblading Eyebrows & Powderbrows

Microblading gives the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly and mimic your natural eyebrow hair along the brow bone.   Mahelia has spent the last 4 years passionately researching, studying and perfecting the best techniques to provide you with the best possible results.   Mahelia works with the “landscape” of your eyebrows - be it too short, thin, patchy or sparse – and reviving its basic shape.   If your eyebrows are completely gone she will re-create an entirely new set for you.   After a consultation, during which your face shape and colorings are analyzed, we “pre-draw” your new eyebrow using pencil.  This ensures that the correct colors and styles are chosen for you and the finished result is exactly what you desire. Because client comfort is of the utmost importance to us, numbing agents are applied after the first pass.   Your appointment takes approximately 180 minutes and our clients describe the sensation as “similar to having your eyebrows threaded or tweezed”.
Pricing: Microblading Eyebrows…….$500

PowderBrows is a type of permanent make-up placed into the top layers of the skin, creating soft, natural looking results. It is very gentle and does not irritate your skin.   This type of brow enhancement provides the softest and most subtle colour, and replicates the use of powder or pencil makeup.  It is suitable for any age and all skin types. PowderBrows can even be combined with microblading, if you are seeking for a very natural results. This technic is one of the newest and provides you with a high-style finish that is sleek, classy and sharply defined your eyebrows.
Pricing: PowderBrows / OmbreBrows….…$500

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Keep in Mind:

  • The success of the treatment depends on skin quality, post-treatment flow and care, and exposure to different external factors.

  • After healing, pigment color may become a few hues lighter than the natural hair color.

  • If there are very few natural hairs initially, manual technique is combined with a machine in order to get shadows that improve volume.

  • Color is very dark during the first 5 to 7 days. After this, the treatment loses 40-50% of its intensity. If the color looks too dark, do not attempt to remove it. Patiently wait a week for the color to fade on its own.

  • Color duration depends on how oily skin is. An oily skin will result in a shorter treatment duration. Sweating and exposure to the sun will also shorten the duration of color.

  • On average, the expected time before a new color refreshment is needed is between10 and 12 months; however, that time is around 6 months for very oily skin

Proper care following your enhancement is necessary to achieve the best results.  You will be provided with an after care product kit and directions the day of your treatment.  Please review the following instructions and refer to them as necessary.  If during the healing process you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Minor swelling and redness.
Mild tenderness.
Itchiness in the eyebrow area.
Dry flaking skin.
These symptoms are a normal part of the healing process


No exercise for 14 days
No sweating, saunas, hot tubs or steam rooms for 5 days.
No ocean (salt or pool water) for 14 days
No retinol/vitamin A products on the forehead for 30 days.


Please remember that your selected color will be darker and more sharply defined for up to 10 days after the first application; however, as the healing process occurs, the color will soften and lighten to a more natural look.   The approximate healing period is 10-14 days; however, healing can be prolonged if your immune system is compromised, if you are stressed or have a poor diet.  Keep in mind that in many cases, some unevenness of color is to be expected. This is the purpose of the re-touch adjustment visit allowing me to fine tune your enhancement. The second session is included in the initial eyebrow procedure cost (within 9 weeks of the initial treatment), however if you do not attend your scheduled re-touch appointment you will be charged for any future treatment.   Cancellation notice is a minimum 48 hours.


Use a good sunscreen.  Sun exposure will fade your permanent cosmetics.  I recommend that your eyebrows be maintained every 18 months for a fresh color boost.


Microblading Eyebrows………$500

Depending on whether a single or a combination of Microblading and Fusion techniques is applied. This cost covers the second touch-up session. In rare occasions a third session may be necessary and not included in the price.

PowderBrows / OmbreBrows…..…$500


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